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No house can be constructed cent per cent as per vasthu, similarly no house will be totally against the principles of vasthu.
Percentage of success or failure depends upon the percentage of vasthu power of that particular place.
I don't mean to say that, people living in proper vasthu houses become multi millionaires, and I don't say that, they became so rich, just because of living in a proper vastu power house.
Suppose if a businessman earns lakhs in that house, an employee staying in the same place may not earn lakhs in it, but will prove that worth at the work-place , similarly each and every person according to his/her occupation will prosper and prove themselves successful.
Vishwakarma Vasthu Sciences "VVS" tells us about making our Tomorrows, "Better Tomorrows", it's a science of Nature. Nature has no caste, creed, status nor countries, it's for one and all.
In my childhood days we lived in a rented house, of-course I was born there in that house, lived with so many ups and downs for almost till my college days.

My father was an "A" class contractor in those days, doing constructions for central governments, but gradually started losing everything, literally broke, from there we shifted into our small own- house, here too we had to face very bad days, and when we were almost helpless and desperately waiting for some miracle to happen, at that crucial time, with the grace of God Sai, my wife happened to come across some books on "Ancient Sciences", which were neglected for so many years, one among those ancient books was "Vishwakarma Vastu Sciences" and asked me to go through them, after going through the books for several days, we came to know that, there are some defects in our house, until then even i used to think that, commitment, vision, sincere hard efforts will bring success.
After coming to know the defects in our house, as an experiment we did some changes to our house, astonishingly even we started believing vasthu.

One day or the other each and every person happens to believe it, difference is few early few late, that too few openly, few personally.
Had I believed vastu then, i would have not lost all those valuable days.
A wise person always learns from others' experiences, but i'm not that wise, I learnt from my own bitter experiences.
Without my wife's co-operation I would have not succeeded in implementing this science and prospered, for it made her undergo so much of strain and inconvenience, whenever in the name of an experiment I made some alterations "Surgeries" to my house.
As any object never tends to move until and unless some outside force is applied on it, similarly a defective house will be giving all it's bad results until it is rectified properly.
Like how few patients require surgery, similarly few places need surgery, to make them capable of giving good results.

Respecting science should be our culture, for it has no caste, creed, status nor countries, it's for one and all.
I'm not advocating a bag full of tricks, i'm just talking of living a successful life.
Of-course we're all born to die, but a happy prosperous life until that.
All this may sound Greek and Latin, but not for those who have implemented this science and are getting good results.

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