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Who is this (Vasthu Yogi) Sri K L. Vishwakarma

Vasthu Yogi Sri KL. Vishwakarma also called as respected Guruji by his clients is the only son of Late Mr’s Manemma Thirupathi and hails from Vishwakarma dynasty of scholars in various acient divine sciences.He is a world renowned full-time vasthu consultant,since 39 yrs.He has authored a book on Vishwakarma Vasthu Sciences titled “ Better Tomorrows ” in simple English to educate He or She,even a school dropout.His book was released by his Holiness Sri Sri Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamy.Vishwakarma,Guruji as called by his clients worlwide is widely and highly respected for his spiritual intution,theoritical & vast practical knowledge of Vibrations and keen accurate insights.
Mr. KL. Vishwakarma (Vasthuyogi) as Guruji is held in high esteem by famous achievers,prominent religious institutions and spiritual leaders worldwide and corporate houses all of whom have consulted him forVastu suggestions and prospered.Mr.KL.Vishwakarma (Vasthuyogi) says Vishwakarma vasthu science VVS has no caste,creed,country or status; it’s a science of nature,which also helps in acheiving a healthy Universal Brothrhood.Nature is a combination of five elements known as Earth, Water, Air, Space and Fire.

Proper utilisation of these five elements also known as Pancha Bhuthas for the betterment of the entire livingkind is known as Vishwakarma Vasthu Divine Science. VVS.

His achievements

In my childhood days we lived in a rented house, ofcourse I was born there in that house, lived with so many ups and downs for almost till my college days. My father was an “A” class contractor in those days, doing construction’s for central governments, but gradually started loosing every thing, literally broke, from there we shifted into our small own house, here too we had to face very bad days and when we were almost helpless and desperately waiting for some miracle to happen, at that crucial time, with the grace of God Sai, my wife happened to come accross some books on “Ancient Sciences”, which were neglected for so many years, one among those ancient books was “VishwakarmaVasthu Sciences” and asked me to go through them, after going through the books for several days, we came to know that, there are some defects in our house, until then even I used think that, commitment, vision, sincere hard efforts will bring success. After coming to know the defects in our house, as an experiment we did some changes to our house, astonishingly even we started believing vasthu.


One day or the other each and every person happens to believe it, difference is few early few late, that too few openly, few personally. Had I believed vasthu then, I would have not lost all those valuable days. A wise person always learns from other’s experiences, but I’m not that wise, for I learnt from my own bitter experiences. Without my wife’s co-operation I would have not succeeded in implimenting this science and prospered, for it made her undergo so much of strain and inconvenience, whenever in the name of an experiment I made some alterations “Surgeries” to my house. As any object never tends to move until and unless some outside force is applied on it, similarly a defective house will be giving all it’s bad results untill it is rectified properly. Like how few patients require surgery, similarly few places need surgery, to make them capable of giving good results. Respecting science should be our culture, for it has no caste, creed, status nor countries, it’s for one and all. I’m not advocating a bag full of tricks, I’m just talking of living again a successful life. Ofcourse we’re all born to die, but a happy prosperous life until that. All this may sound Greek and Latin, but not for those who have implimented this science and are getting good results. If not any thing atleast a good house should become the attitude of each and every person, for it will not only help them prove worth, but also helps their children (future generations) to prove successful and will also help in achieving a Healthy “Universal Brotherhood” too. (Sarvo jana sukino bhavantho). Like many other miracles in nature, results of “VVS” is one among them.


My eagerness never made me sit quite, it made me go on telling the needy about this Ancient Indian “Devine Sciences” and it’s miracle results. In the begining few use to listen, but few found me pain, as I used to feel pain earlier. All my worry is by the time you start believing, it should not be that late. Ofcourse i’m still a drop in the ocean of Vasthu Sciences, i honestly say that I didn’t completely explore the seas of this Sciences, I don’t have such a huge hand, if there’s any person who has done it, I really bow to such a great person. Many have prospered. Many more are prospering you too will prosper..



Since 39 yrs working as a fulltime consultant with many many prospered clients. Each and every person has their own prestige in the society, household matters are common in each and every house, everyone wants to live a happy life. Due to some problems they invite me for suggestions to overcome them to live happily, I should’nt talk of the household matters or should not reveal their identity to anyone, that’s my ethic not to reveal my clientle to anyone.


Gods wish

Gods wish it’s been happening with me from the begining, after consulting many, people come to me as a last trial, but Gods wish when I’m destined to serve them, no one can, I serve them maybe this is what you have to repay, that way I’m very lucky to serve them.



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