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About Vishwakarma Vasthu Sciences (VVS)

It’s a known fact that Human beings are the most intelligent species among all the species created by God Almighty. From the time immemorial, from the day of Adam and Eve this species, the so called human beings are proving their intelligence and wonderful skills, “Ofcourse necessity is the mother of every invention” , to fulfill the growing necessities and to make life more ease and comfortable, human beings have done a lot and achieved a lot more, undergoing so much of strain and trouble, to make, their Tomorrows “Better Tomorrows”.
In the process of making their Tomorrows “Better Tomorrows” they have laid down certain, simple, practically very possible,valuable, precious means and ways, with specific principles, rules and regulations through which “Better Tomorrows” are ensured. These certain means and ways with specific principles, rules and regulations laid down by them to make their Tomorrows Better Tomorrows were called Shastras (Sciences). One among those shastras is “VVS” “Vishwakarma Vasthu Sciences” of Ancient India, which helps in making Tomorrows “Better Tomorrows”. Vishwakarma Vasthu Shastra (Science) tells us about making our Tomorrows “Better Tomorrows”.


It’s very simple and very practically possible, valuable, worthy, easy accessible tool for each and every human being , irrespective of caste, creed, status or a country, to make their Tomorrows Better Tomorrows, this science has nothing to do with caste, creed, status or a country its for one and all. This science deals with the Five Elements also known as “Pancha Bhuthas” together known as Mother Nature, nature is for one and all, irrespective of any country, caste, creed or status isn’t it. Land, Water, Space, Air and Fire combined together are called “Five Elements” also known as “Pancha Bhuthas” (Nature). Nature is like our mother. It is said that Vasthu means Land (Earth). Proper utilisation of powers in Nature through the “Ashta Dishas”,in (Sanskrit Ashta means “8”, Disha means “Direction”),by constructing proper Holy /Residential/Commercial/Official/industrial etc, places for the betterment of entire living kind is known as “Vishwakarma Vasthu Sciences”. VVS.


North, South, East, West, Eeshaanyem, Aagneyem, Nairuthi and Vaayavyem are its 8 directions, also known as “Ashta Dishas”. How this vasthu is contributing for the betterment of living kind means, like many other secrets of nature, vasthu is one among them, usually of what we know about how its working and all, we call it a science, and of what we don’t know we call, or it can be called as say some Super Natural power/powers, but perhaps our Ancient Sages, Rishis, Maharishis, (Scientists of those days) inventors of this sciences with their Divine Powers might have known all the secrets of Nature and its applications.Apart from implementing this science to holy/ residential/ commercial/industrial/ places, it is also being implemented to open lands, fields and farms and countries also, and good results are also being enjoyed and cheers are also being brought.


Ashta Dishas “8 directions” and their levels are the applications of this Divine Science. Each and every disha “Direction”has a particular principle of its own to be followed, for instance, like many other living creatures we human beings too have a head, thorax, limbs, eyes, nose and so on, in a proper manner, anything abnormal or not having some of them makes the body handicapped, and such people fail to fulfill their duties properly, similarly anything abnormal or an error in the 8 directions “Ashta-Dishas” makes the house/place handicapped in assuring good results, so it is the prime duty of the landlord/lady to take care of their living places and rectify them if any errors are there.


As any object never tends to move until and unless any outside force is applied on it, similarly if a house or any place is constructed defectively it will be giving bad results until it is rectified properly. Few inspite of putting all their sincere hard efforts fail, but few people speak great of their efforts and success, you will come to know the truth of their efforts and success if you once see their living places with an eye of “VVS” Vasthu Science. (Divine Sciences). East and North must be lower than West and South, if all the floor level of the house is towards either East or North with all the water in the house flowing towards Eeshaanyem/East, or North, such a house/palce proves that worth, but when it is unlike this, with West and South lower than East and North, it proves very unfortunate, if there are people who do not believe this, it is like asking to show God to them, can we ? they can only experience God, people who have implemented this science have experienced and are enjoying the fruits of this sciences.Many have prospered, many more are prospering, you too will prosper.


Why opinions on this subject differ ? it’s because few people know, only something little about this subject, which leads to difference of opinions, even not believing this subject also gives rise to too many difference of opinions. Studying a place, a good experienced vasthu consultant (Diviner) he/she can read the results of that particular place. Can we change our fate lines on the hand ? No we can’t isn’t it, but correcting the 8 directions “Ashta Dishas” is in our hands . Like how few patients require surgery, similarly few places need surgery to make them capable of giving good results.

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