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Vishwakarma who has come from the Heavens is known to be the principal architect of the Whole Universe who has transformed the whole universe from stone age into the Modern Universe with devine powers and vast knowledge of Astronomy, Geology, Metalurgy, Biology, & Mineralogy.Vishwakarma is described as the God with multi-dimensional vision and supreme strength by Rig Veda, he revealed the Sthapathyaveda or fourth Upa-Veda and presides over the sixty-four mechanical arts.His descendants Vishwakarma’s world over with the knowledge of the five subjects are still helping the world to transform into a better world.


Main objective of the Institute of Vishwakarma Vasthu Sciences is to impart deep insights and knowledge on various aspects of ancient Divine Vastu sciences in simple English to make under-stand even a school dropout He / She through VVS online learning course to understand this science & impliment and prosper overcomming various problems, and also to make it as a carrer as a consultant for Better Tomorrows to help people prosper to live a healthy wealthy happy prosperous life.

Hence we offer comprehensive and organized study material for both as well as for the beginners and also to those who are already into this feild to know more about this ancient Divine Sciences.

Who is it for?

  1. For home makers to maintain their living places as per vasthu to enable the family to succeed and fulfill all their good desires.
  2. For the professionals to set an example of yourself by overcomming all your various problems and lead prosperous life.

Course Details

Medium English/Hindi/Telugu
Duration 26 – 30 classes
Students Per class 35
Timmings 1 hr Every Saturday

Course Fees : ₹ 17000 -/only

Inclusive of all taxes

Author :

Sri KL. Vishwakarma ( Vastu Yogi )

(Renowned Full-time consultant since 39 years in India & Abroad)

Office :

Sai Dwaar 292, Shamlal Building, Begumpet, Hyderabad 16

Course Content


The difference between Offline and Online Course is that Offline is a practice model in today’s society while the Online is a sign of Sophisticated and Modern approach of study at home.Online Course has evolved to be an extremely productive model for helping people world-wide to get instant & easy access to study through the simple click of their computer mouse, without having to face the trouble of leaving the comfort of their home.

Courses will be as :

1. Basics for Home makers
2. Proffessional course for the Proffessnals

Basic course even for a school dropout He or She / Home maker’s.Proffessional course for even a school dropout He or She who wants to make a carrer as a good consultant or for existing consultants to learn more indepths.

Eligibility :

For Basic course :- For home makers

Even a school dropout He or She / Housewives / with a little common sense who really wants to be successful in life.

Behind every victory there’s a woman, now the word house-wife is limited to a fraction because every woman is so actively taking part in building the nation apart from the responsibility of taking care of her entire family, as biologically women are more eficient in showing patience, they from decades are proving themselves worth in leading the family towards a healthy atmosphere is a living truth.

So it is essential to educate the women folk atleast the basics in vasthu science, so that they can maitain thier living places as per vasthu sciences, because only constructing as per vasthu is not sufficient but needs maintainance also, for example say a place is built as per vasthu but if anything like cot or sofas are kept in Eeshaanyem, people living in such places start facing few problems though the place is built as per vasthu.


In the Basic course of “Better Tomorows” to lead the family towards Better Tomorrows you will come to know the basic principles of VVS and how to implement them in your residential/commercial places, which miraculously enables you to overcome all your various Financial,Health,Domestic, personal,official, legal problems & live a happy prosperous sucessful life.

What will you learn ?

What is VVS ?

Lord Vishwakarma
Author Vishwakarma *
Five elements ( Brief Description )
What is VVS *


1. What is a square, rectangle
2. Compass
3. Choosing a plot
4. Better to avoid purchasing these plots
5. Names of places
6. Street pushes

Ashta dishas

1. Vibrations
2. Ashta dishas & their properties & characters
3. Extending Eeshaanyem
4. Extending North/Eesh
6. Lack of Eeshaanyem
7. Extemsion of Vaayavyeem
8. Extemsion of North-Vaayavem
9. Extemsion of West-Vaayavyem
10.Extemsion of Agneyem
11.Extemsion of East-Aagneyem
12.Extemsion of South-Aagneyem
13.Extemsion of West-Nairuthi
14.Extemsion of South-Nairuthi
15.Extemsion of Nairuthi

Tips in arrainging Household articles

1. A room on the Terrace
2. Tips in arranging house-hold articcles
3. Balconies, porticos
4. Toilets inside and outside
5. Drawing room
6. Bed-rooms (cot & Sleeping positions)
7. Hall
8. Kitchen & Wash area
9. Puja room
10.Servant room

Stair cases

Stair cases

Doors / Windows

1.Doors / Windows (auspicious and inauspicious)
2. Gates (auspicious and inauspicious)

Open places

Open places

1. Coverings (Eesh, Vaayavyem, Aagneyem, East, North, South, West)
2. Covering Nairuthi
3. Levels (Table)
4. Places for Sumps / septic tanks / bore wells / overhead tank
5. Compound walls

Sacred plant

1. Tulsi plant & other plants



Q1. What currency is the course charged in?

A. The course is charged in Indian Rupees.

Q2. What if the course doesn’t help me?

A. If it doesn't help you I'll refund the purchase price in full.

Q3. When will the webinars take place?

A. Depending on the mix of countries and time zones for people attending the webinars, I will pick a time that works best for most participants. All webinars will be recorded so you can listen to them again. The private Facebook group will obviously be available 24/7 and I’ll be monitoring and contributing to the discussion regularly.

Q4. What is the self-directed mentoring program?

A. The self-directed mentoring program is designed to help you set-up and run an effective mentee-mentor relationship as part of the course.

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