Ashta Dishas


Ashta Dishas

North, East, South, West, Eesanyam, Aagneyem, Nairuthi, and Vaayavyem are the 8 directions or “Ashta Dishas”.In Sanskrit Ashta means 8″, Disha means “Direction”Among the 8 directions “Ashta Dishas” present in a place, its true that Nairuthi must be higher and Eeshaanyem must be low, but only raising the ground level at Nairuthi and making the ground level at Eeshaanyem low is not sufficient.Actually there’s a particular proper method to raise Nairuthi and to make Eeshaanyem low.
Lets see how.

  1. Nairuthi must be higher than Aagneyem.
  2. Aagneyem must be higher than Vaayavyem.
  3. Vaayavyem must be higher than Eeshaanyem.

Say suppose the ground level at Eeshaanyem is ( 0 ) level.

  1. Ground level at Nairuthi must be raised in such a way that it is 3 times more than this level.
  2. Level at Aagneyem must be 2 times lower than the level at Nairuthi.
  3. Level at Vaayavyem must be 1 time lower than the level at Aagneyem.

This is only an example, levels need not compulsorily be in the ratio of 3:2:1. but the levels at those particular dishas must compulsorily be in that proportion, by making the ground levels like this, complete floor level becomes slope towards Eesanyam.All the used water flows towards Eeshaanyem of the place (house) and from there it flows out, similarly following the same principle in levelling the plot ie. (Open places) all the rain water flows towards Eeshaanyem of the plot.All the water flowing towards Eeshaanyem of a place like this, proves worth and promises many good auspicious results.