VVS for Better Tomorrows

VVS for Better Tomorrows


Vishwakarma vastu sciences was formed long back, as i was a convent school student, with Hindi as a first language, with very little knowledge of Telugu writing and reading, it took almost, solid 10 years burning the candles to read the Ancient Sciences and experimenting to know the facts.

Practical experiments were very handy for me as i was practically trained in civil construction jobs under my Dad, supervising the sites and also practically working at sites at times regularly, from my childhood days to become a contractor as my dad and of-course after completing my studies I too joined my dad as a full-time contractor and worked with him.

As I said earlier after me successfully completing the experiments and prospered, I started as a fulltime vasthu consultant.

After me getting good results, with the intention of sharing and creating awareness of this valuable ancient forgotten sciences which helps in making Tomorrows “Better Tomorrows”, which has nothing to do with caste, creed, status or countries, after practicing this science as a full-time consultant since 87 in making many peoples Tomorrows “Better Tomorrows” successfully, with a lot of satisfaction to be born as a human being to help the needy, with my guru’s grace Shiridi Sai Baba, attempted writing a book on this ancient devine valuable sciences to create more awareness in the masses in India and over the seas, which also helps a lot in achieving a Health Wealthy Universal Brotherhood also.

I tried to write and explain in simple English so that with a minimum of English knowledge also one should be able to understand and implement it and make their Tomorrows “Better Tomorrows”.

One more thing i want to make it clear, is a lot of care is taken to make this sciences, reach all the sections of people in India and over the seas, irrespective of caste, creed, status or countries, for its a science.

Unfortunately since decades this science is stamped only as a Hindu science and only for them, no this is not the fact it’s for the entire living-kind, but here and there for convenience sake there may be some instances where the word puja or some other Hindu words are written/repeated in this book,otherwise it’s not necessary,

I once again want to tell, that this ancient devine science is for one and all, it has no caste, creed, status nor a country, it’s not only for the human being’s, but also for the entire livingkind on this earth.

For the convenience sake every time the word “House” has been taken to show the defects and corrections, actually it’s for each and every place like industrial, commercial, plots, agricultural lands, and of-course for all residential places .

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