Covering East

Covering East

Sun rises in the East. “East” is the place of fame and legacy.East is divided in two as East-Eesanyam, and East-Aagneyam. The place in between these two is the “Actual “East”. East is the place of fame and prosperity and legacy. Good or bad results of East, mostly affects men and male children of the family .

If East is good and properly maintained and utilised, it assures very good successful life with good fame, health and a kind heart towards the needy.Male children prove themselves worth and prove fruitful to their parents to keep up the legacy and honour of the family.

What if East is Covered

Unfortunately if there is any error in the East, East becomes defective and shows all its very bad effects on gents and male children of the family, male children will become very dull and lazy, ill health in-activeness, disobeying elders and may even prove life threat-ning to them, are the few bad results of bad or defective East.

Constructing room or any thing in the East of the Eastern open place using the Eastern compound wall and covering it, either with some sheets or R.c.c. roof makes East defective, and makes gents and the male children to suffer with many bad results and may prove even life threat-ning to male children, and slowly leads them towards severe poverty.

Even constructing a room in the East within the house also makes East defective.

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