Covering North

Covering North

If stood facing the Sun, to the left hand side is “North”. Needle of the compass always points towards “North”. North is the place of financial status & good public relations. “North” will be as North-Vaayavyem and North-Eeshaanyem. The place in between these two is the “Actual Functioning Area “North”.

North is the place of financial resources, good health and happiness of ladies and also the place of good lung power and intellectuality, and also the place of good public relations .

If financial position is good, happy cheerful atmosphere prevails in the house, each and every one in the house will be in good moods, life looks very cheerful, though with few health and other problems now and then. Mostly money is the root cause of any kind of stress, strain and frustration. This is as true as we are born to die, isn’t it. Mostly financial position of the owner and the inmates of a house depends on the way the North is.

If North is good and if it’s properly maintained and utilised, it assures very good healthy financial status, makes the owner, very financially sound.

Lady of that house will be the luckiest person to lead a happy cheerful life with lots of good regards towards her, from each and every member of the family. She proves very submissive to her husband and at the same time gets all her wishes fulfilled with lots of love and affection from her husband, & proves worth a Queen.

More open place should be there in the North than in the South and this open place must be open to sky is the fundamental principle.North should also be lower than South. Having good more open place in the North than in the South, with an auspicious capable extension of North-Eeshaanyem to it with all the doors and gates in auspicious places, and walking through them, proves fruitful in assuring good healthy financial status.

In addition to all these things fortunately if there’s a street push of North-Eeshaanyem to it, still proves more and more fruitful in making them financially very sound and happy, but also makes them little stingy too. (In my opinion Stingy is an abuse to the very capable economic people who knows when and how to invest and spend, they are the real economists of any community or a country).I really suggest every economist to have this plus point of VVS. to carry a country towards good prosperity.

Unfortunately if “North” is not good or if improperly maintained or if its not properly utilised, it makes the owner and the inmates of that place to suffer with all kinds of financial problems, unfortunately lady of that house will have to lead a sorrowful life. Constructing a room or any thing in the North of the Northern open place and covering it either by putting some sort of sheets or R.c.c. roof using the Northern compound wall is not good.

By constructing something in the North using the Northern compound wall like this, covering it by some sheets or R.c.c. roof, North gets covered to sky and becomes defective, and slowly gives rise to many financial blockades, disappointments in financial dealings, not getting the amount supposed to get, finding it difficult to obtain financial assistance, slow increase of debts day by day, mortgage of Jewelleries and other things, unhappy atmosphere to ladies are some of the few bad consequences of covering North.I’ve found people suffering with mental disabilities also.Even having a room within the house in the North also makes North defective to give rise to unnecessary problems.In addition to this, if there is an extension of North-Vaayavyem to that place or a low level or if the doors and gates are in improper inauspicious places, bad results will be more severe.

A street push of North-Vaayavyem to this place still worsens the situation and literally makes them to come on to the roads losing every-thing in life.So better not to construct any thing in the North of the Northern open place using the Northern compound wall and cover it. If-already it’s there, removing it entirely and making North open to sky and changing all the doors and gates into proper auspicious places and correcting if there is an
extension of North-Vaayavyem, once again not only rekindles the lives but also assures a very happy prosperous life, to feel real worth living a human life, slowly financial position starts improving.When there is an error in the North a capable auspicious street push of North-Eeshaanyem also fails to give its good results.

After rectifying the defective North, i’ve found people miraculously recovering from mental disorders .Like this there are so many things in Vastu Science.

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