Defective Eesanyam

Defective Eesanyam

Eeshaanyem is first place to receive the first sun rays early in the morning.Eesanyam is the most delicate place, it gets irritated even if a small piece of cotton is put in it, now just imagine what if heavy material is kept/stored in this place.

Lot of care should be taken to maintain Eesanyam. Good proper maintenance of Eeshaanyem not only assures good results but showers all the worldly pleasures.

But I have seen people constructing puja rooms in Eeshaanyem that too on the advice of the so called vastu experts and inviting hell of problems and they blame God Almighty for those problems in spite of performing proper puja in Eesanyam.

How pity when it is not a proper to construct puja room in Eeshaanyem, because by constructing a puja room in Eeshaanyem leads to covering Eeshaanyem which is very bad.

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