Number of Doors

Number of Doors

Doors act as activators, opening a door is activating a channel, just like tuning various channels of a TV. to receive their respective programs of those channels.

Instead of simply constructing a house, as you like and then breaking this and that and shifting the doors after loosing lot of health and wealth & goodwill, it’s always wise and worth to consult a good vasthu consultant and show him/her the site and asked to prepare a plan and mark all the places of doors, windows, shelves etc. on the plan and finally to fix the exact places of doors and windows according to the site conditions at the time of fixing the doors and windows.

Before constructing a house, consulting a good experienced vasthu consultant he/she and marking all the places of doors, windows and shelves etc, as per they suggestions proves very much fruitful.

Constructing a house like this, consulting a good experienced he/she vasthu consultant not only proves fruitful but also makes you and your children very much lucky enough to escape from falling prey to many unnecessary problems.

Any have, is there a house without a door, so instead of simply fixing a door and windows as you like, why not fix them according to proper vasthu when it is ensuring good results.

“VVS” is not asking to fix doors made of gold or silver it’s only advising to fix all the doors and windows, shelves in proper places, immaterial of the material used.

Actually there is a lot in “VVS” regarding which material is to be used, its a lot of botanical importance, all the doors, windows, shelves should be quite opposite to one another.

Should not fix a door quite adjacent to a wall or a pillar, it’s not good to fix like that, quite adjacent to a wall or a pillar, it should be fixed, a few inches away from the wall or pillar to get an angle.

By filling this gap in-between the door and the pillar an angle is formed.
It’s good to fix a door like this, so that an angle is formed. While fixing a door, a lot of care should be taken not to let any thing like a tree, pole, wall corners, rocks, wells, pillars boulders, or any other objects to fall in-between (bisect) the doors.

Letting them fall in-between (bisect) the door, unnecessarily makes to suffer with few severe problems, though the door is in proper auspicious place. Apart from the doors, ground levels also play a vital role in ensuring good or bad results.

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