Only Glimpses Remain

Only Glimpses Remain

Once Rich people but Now ! very poor Why it happens?

Constructing anything in the Northern or Eastern open places using both the Northern or Eastern compound wall, not only proves unfrutifull but also proves very sorrowful. Meeting point of both the Northern and Eastern lines is known as “Eeshaanyem”. It is more unfortunate to construct a room or any thing using both the Northern and Eastern compound walls and covering it’s top either with any sort of sheets or R.c.c. roof.

By constructing like this, using both the Northern and Eastern compound walls, Eesanyam of that place gets covered and becomes defective, and not only proves very sorrowful but also proves very dangerous and disastrous too.Eesanyam is such a delicate place, it even gets irritated and gives very bad results, even if a small piece of cotton is put in it. Eesanyam is the holy auspicious, delicate place, it’s the first place to receive the first sun rays early in the morning.

Now just imagine, what if latrines are constructed in such an auspicious place.People living in such type of houses with latrines in Eeshaanyem are found living a very miserable sorrowful life.

Usually they suffer with a typical kind of unknown depression. They’ll be facing a funny situation like the opportunities slipping off their hands at the final succeeding moments, as a result they may be forced to end their lives commiting suicides.How ever rich those families living in houses with latrine in Eesanyam, slowly march towards poverty, it’s a slow process.

Somehow in the beginning they may not notice the bad effects of this error, due to their vast available financial resources, a small leak in a big water drum may not make that difference in the beginning, scarcity will be felt only when half the drum is emptied, by that time it will be too late, unfortunately they successors have to face the consequences. There are many many families once rich families, but their successors still living in those houses with this error facing the severe consequences for no fault of theirs. That’s only the Glimpses remain.

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