Tips in arranging house hold articles

Tips in arranging house hold articles

In Sanskrit Ashta means 8″, Disha means “Direction”. What is the relation in-between these 8 Ashta Dishas, and how are they contributing for the welfare of the living kind, and they effects on us? Answering all these questions is not that easy, one-thing is sure nothing rules anything in this nature everything is fair here like, “Give and take”. Everything in Nature depends on one another.

I’ll try to put it in this way, like monkeys, or say like human beings, monkeys also have head, eyes, ears, nose two legs and hands and it also has a tail extra, of-course we don’t have it, in-spite of having a tail extra, it is not greater than human beings.

As how size shape and arrangement of the body parts have changed the features, similarly size, shape and condition of the 8 Ashta dishas changes the atmosphere in the house.

If they are in proper size, shape and condition, proportionately, a cheerful atmosphere prevails in the house, if they are not in a proportionate manner then the atmosphere in the house becomes worst, stinky, rotten and very prickly also.This shows things change according to the size, shape and condition of the Ashta dishas.

The house we live in may be rented or an own house acquired either through legacy or a newly purchased one, which is not as per “VVS” or we may not financially be able to alter the house, in such a critical situation, our first duty is, at-least to arrange all the household articles in the house properly in a proper manner.

If we do our duty, the house (Ashta dishas in the house) will do their duty.

Leaving the place “Aagneyam” and Vaayavyem, all the huge and heavy materials in the house must be kept to both the Southern and Western walls of the room.

Keeping more huge and heavy materials in Nairuthi than the materials kept in the Southern and Western sides gives more good results..

It’s better not to keep anything in Aagneyem and Vaayavyem, but if it becomes necessary to keep them also in Aagneyam, then leaving at-least few inches from the Eastern wall, they can be kept here in Aagneyam to the Southern wall, similarly leaving few inches from the Northern wall they can be kept in Vaayavyem to the Western wall.

Actually it’s not advisable to keep anything in the Northern and Eastern sides, but when there is no other option left than keeping them, also in the Northern and Eastern sides, then in such a case lighter and smaller materials than materials kept in the Southern and Western sides must be kept here in the Northern and Eastern sides, in such a way that there is at-least few inches gap in-between those materials and these walls, if you ask can we keep anything in Eeshaanyem means, answer is bluntly no.

Eesanyam is so auspicious and delicate place, even if a piece of cotton is put in this place, it gets irritated and starts giving rise to many unnecessary headaches.

This place Eeshaanyem must always be kept free neat and clean, imagine what would happen if we put heavy weights and rubbish in such a delicate and auspicious place, putting anything here is nothing but it’s deliberately inviting all sorts of headaches.

Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, of-course every-one knows this, we also know that Sun rays are very useful for the survival of the living kind, any amount of discussion on Sun and the power of its rays on the entire living kind would still be less.There is no need to tell what happens to a plant , if it never get proper Sun-light.

Though the Sun rises in the East “Eesanyam” is the first place to receive the first Sun rays.

These first Sun rays are the most powerful and very useful helpful, rays for the entire living kind, Eeshaanyem is the first place which receives the first Sun rays, perhaps that’s the reason why the inventors of this Divine Vishwakarma Vasthu Sciences “VVS” has given that importance to Eeshaanyem and said, it’s the place of “Almighty God” and asked the human kind to offer they first prayer of the day in Eeshaanyem facing East, which enables the human kind to receive those first auspicious Sun rays to the full extent, but may be due to not being able to understand the actual fact or may be due to lack of proper knowledge of the subject few people have made it a sentiment and started advising people to construct their pooja rooms in Eesanyam of the entire house and pray to God, when (Eesanyam should be kept open with a door is the fundamental principle of vastu science),

then the immediate question would arise, why the so called intellectuals, inventors of this sciences asked them to worship Almighty God in Eesanyam when that is not the proper way, yes of-course that’s a genuine question, may be in those days, lots of illiteracy was there, for reasons people were not educated only a certain section of people were educated, so instead of telling them vividly why and how, they said simply to worship God there, if u say worship God there u can understand now how neat and tidy it’s maintained.

That’s the reason for decades this valuable sciences never saw the light, but fortunately now since say 40 years, with the Yeoman services of few vasthu consultants it’s started seeing light, and reached the masses irrespective of caste, creed, status and countries.

Idea behind to worship God here is because in the name of God, having a door here and doing sun salutations they start receiving lots of sun rays which is very essential for the entire living kind.

Unlike Eeshaanyem Nairuthi is the place to bear any amount of waste, heavy materials, if this place is kept free without any materials it gets irritated and starts showing very bad effects.

A good and proper balance in the Ashta dishas assures well balanced life is a True Truth.

Fire should be cooked in Aagneyem facing East and it is al- ways better to put the cot close or quite adjacent to both the Southern and Western walls of the room and sleep on this cot, keeping head towards South, putting the cot like this in Nairuthi room of the entire house and head of the family sleeping on this cot not only gets good sound sleep, but also assures good control and command over the family and enables to make them march towards a healthy prosperity.

Sleeping in Aagneyam room of the house slowly spoils health.

Under any circumstances it is not advisable to sleep in the Eesanyam room, though putting the cot, adjacent to both the Southern and Western walls of this room with head towards South.

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