Level Of The Place

Level Of The Place

House/ Home is the place from were we start our first move Winning the battle at home wins many victories isn’t it so the home has to not only be a home but a sweet home.Good or bad starts from the home if your home is as per VVS then everything will be a sweet cake walk. This you can see for your selves.
Plot/ Place should be either a square one or a rectangular one with proper Eeshaanyem. Should have good more open places in the North and East than in the South and West, with all the slope of the floor towards East or North with all the doors and gates in proper auspicious places. Living in this kind of houses really proves worth making a home a sweet home.

I’m not advocating a bag full of tricks I’m just talking of again living a happy life. Respecting science should be our culture for science has no casted, creed, country, or status its for one and all.
1.Kitchen has to be in South-East room is the fundamental principle .
2. Master Bed room has to be in the South West of the entire Home. Cot should be put nearer to both the Southern and Western walls of this South west room, should sleep with head towards South is also must to get good sound sleep. One can just imagine what if we don’t get good sound sleep.

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