Importance of Nairuthi

Importance of Nairuthi


  1. North East South & West are the four sides.
  2. Eeshaanyem Aagneyem Vayaavyem & Nairuthi are four corners.
  3. These corners Eeshaanyem Aagneyem Vayaavyem & Nairuthi are further as follows :-
    • Eeshanyem as North-Eeshaanyem & East-Eeshaanyem
    • Aagneyam as East-Aagneyam & South-Aagneyam
    • Nairuthi as South-Nairuthi & West-Nairuthi &
    • Vaayavyem as North-Vaayavyem & West-Vaayavyem.

Eesanyam is the most delicate place, Eeshaanyem must be neat plain without any kind of material in this place, to obtain all the good results.

When Eeshaanyem is the place to be kept free from keeping any sort of material, fortunately Nairuthi is the place which is not supposed to be kept free. Nairuthi should not be kept free without material, it has to be full with any sort of material to obtain all the good results.I have seen people only taking care of Eeshaanyem as it is an auspicious place and neglecting Nairuthi.

What is the use of having everything but not fortunate to enjoy them.

This kind of situation arises when Eeshaanyem is taken care and Nairuthi is neglected.So it’s wise and worth to take care of all sides and corners to enjoy all the pleasures.

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