Purification of the Plot’s/Places

Purification of the Plot’s/Places

After purchasing a plot purification is must to obtain all the good results from that plot which enables to make our tomorrows Better Tomorrows. Lets see what’s purification process.

Apart from performing all kinds of rituals prescribed in the ancient texts, purification of a plot is as follows:-

If there are any low levels in the West or South, should be filled up with clean mud.Each angle should be made exactly equal to 90 degrees, sum total to 360 degrees.

Eesanyam or either Eeshaanyem ie. either North-Eeshaanyem or East-Eeshaanyem of the plot should be extended. That means for extending Eeshaanyem, both the angles at Aagneyem and Vaayavyem should be more than 90 degrees and the angle at Eeshaanyem should be made less than 90 degrees. This is extending Eeshaanyem. For extending North-Eeshaanyem angle at Vaayavyem should be increased more than 90 degrees so that the angle at North-Eeshaanyem decreases below 90 degrees this is extending North-Eesanyam. For extending East-Eeshaanyem angle at Aagneyem should be increased more than 90 degrees so that the angle at East-Eesanyam gets decreased below 90 degrees, this is extending East-Eesanyam.

If already happened to purchase/own a plot which is beyond the tolerable limit to the compass, that is if its almost 45 degrees variation that is corners have become sides & sides have become corners.

Few people with they bookish knowledge or self interpretation construct they homes adjusting them to the compass, which is very wrong. People living in such places suffer with a peculiar type of psychological problems, they start living in illusions assuming themselves as spiritual persons with untidy beards & clothing.

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