Purification of plots

Purification of plots

Instead of me telling what happens if the places are not according to the principles of Vishwakarma Vastu Sciences, here I’ll simply try to talk/educate what are the fundamental principles of Vishwakarma Vastu Sciences to obtain all the good results and prosper to make our tomorrows Better Tomorrows, to live a successful happy healthy wealthy prosperous life.



Plots/Places :-

  1. Let us begin with the fundamentals to know while purchasing a plot either for the purpose of agriculture, or for an Industry, or for any type of Commercial activity purposes, like running cinema theaters, hotels, shops, malls, pubs, clinics, or even for running a Hospital.
  2. The plot we choose to construct a home should and must be to the Compass is the fundamental principle of Vishwakarma Vastu Sciences.
  3. Compass is a small simple device with a needle always pointing towards the North.
  4. Standing Facing the Sun to the left hand is North, to the left hand is South, in the front is East, and at the back is West.
  5. Plot should be exactly to the North, deviation of 10 to 15 degrees is tolerable.
  6. Should not choose a plot which is beyond the tolerable limit, because corners become sides and sides become corners.
  7. Plot should either be a Rectangular or a perfect square one with each angle equal to 90 degrees and sum total equal to 360 degrees.
  8. Ground Level of the plot should be either towards its East or North.
  9. There should not be any kind of low levels either in the West or South of the plot, which cannot be filled up.
  10. There should not be any kind of water streams also either in the West or South of the plot.
  11. There should not be any kind of road or roads coming opposite to the plot. Advantages and disadvantages of Roads opposite to the plots can be read in ( Street Pushes).
  12. Every place has a particular inherited power in it, that’s called the “Vibration of the place ”

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