Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks

Question of septic tank arises only when there is no drainage facility in the colony.Toilets for the labour is an essential eminity, many factories are facing lot of problems because of this toilets location. In my 39 yrs of practical consultancy I found these toilets either in the North-west corner or in the South-east corner of the entire factory premises, with a septic tank under or adjacent to these toilets, which is against the fundamental principle of VVS as a result many factories are facing severe either labour disputes, financial crisis or quality problems. Some factories have this toilets in the South-west of the entire factory premises with a septic tank either under it or adjacent to them, which proves even fatal to the safety as well as to the labour and factory itself .

Need of this tanks shows how advanced, we are in this so called modern civilized world without a proper sewerage system. Any have, now a days initiative taken by the government in the name of Nirmal Bharat the total sanitation campaign TSC to each every house, even in the villages to keep the respect of specially of our mothers and sisters in the villages, constructing lat/bath is a must in each and every house, so it’s always its wise and worth to construct a septic tank, either in the exact North of the Northern open place, away from both the North-Vaayavyem and North-Eeshaanyem or in the exact East of the Eastern open place, away from both the East-Aagneyam and East-Eeshaanyem.

  1. Never construct a septic tank in North-Vaayavyem.
  2. Never construct a septic tank in East-Aagneyem.
  3. Never construct a septic tank in the South.
  4. Never construct a septic tank in the West.
  5. Never construct a septic tank in the Eesanyam.

Not Constructing these Septic Tanks in the mentioned places makes to suffer with many severe domestic, financial, personal and even severe health problems.

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