Will it matter for a tenant

Will it matter for a tenant

North, East, South, West, Eesanyam, Aagneyem, Nairuthi, and Vaayavyem, are 8 directions “Ashta dishas”, each direction has a particular rule and regulation of its own to be followed.

Owner or a tenant doesn’t matter, enjoying good or bad results, purely depends upon the utilisation and maintenance of these 8 eight directions.
Vasthu effects only the owner of that house, but not the tenant, this kind of belief is not correct, you may be staying in your own house, or you may be a tenant also, to be very clear, who ever stays, will definitely suffer with its bad effects if its a defective place, or enjoy the good results if it has proper vastu power.

For example, suppose if a person gets a car on hire for self driving and if that car is not working properly, though the car is not theys they will have to suffer the inconvenience, of-course the owner also has to bear its repairing charges, unlike this suppose if the car is good, but if they do not know how to drive it properly or the road is bad, then also their will have to face inconvenience, similarly though the house is as per vasthu but, misused in the arrangement of all the house-hold articles like sofas, cots, almirahs, cooking fire, improperly either by ignorance or due to negligence, but will make the inmates to suffer with consequences.

A piece of land with four compound walls, will have all the 8 directions “Ashta Dishas”. Good or bad results purely depends upon the way these Ashta Dishas are utilised and maintained.

For example, how long can we manage closing our nose, similarly if a door or window is closed, good fresh air coming in gets blocked isn’t it, similarly if the Eeshaanyem of the house is closed or blocked, like fresh air, riches prosperity gets blocked and there’s no need to explain the situation of such people, but many people are neglecting this fact, still there are many more facts like this which people are either ignorant or neglecting them, and putting themselves and also their dependents into many troubles, all my trials in making people aware about the facts like this is, because at-least they themselves will be able to rectify the errors and escape from becoming victims.

Like any other Science Vasthu Science “VVS” is also an ocean, I’m just a drop in it, I humbly accept that i didn’t explore these seas completely, there may be people who have completely explored the seas, but i’m not so huge, if there is any person who has really done it then I really bow to such a great person.

In my unending struggle, research, if there’s anything I didn’t know or if i come across anything new, I’ll let you’ll know them.

Everything is defined in this ancient sciences there’s nothing to redefine, only thing is to simply honestly implement them, instead of deliberately ignoring Vasthu in the name of faith and religion and making yourselves and your children suffer with many problems and becoming responsible for spoiling yours and they future, is it not wise and worth following “VVS” which doesn’t have anything to do with religion, creed, status or a country because it’s only a science of proper management of Five Elements “Pancha Bhutas”, when it is assuring healthy wealthy prosperity, which also helps in achieving a healthy wealthy Universal Brotherhood.

Above anything Respecting Science should be our culture. If not anything at-least a good house should become the attitude of each and every person, for it will make them prosper.

Those who are suffering with problems satisfy themselves in the name of Karma, but those who are prospering speak great of their efforts, once if you see their living places with an eye of “VVS” vastu sciences, then you’ll come to know the Truth of Karma and their efforts, neither i’m trying to make non believers believe it, nor advocating a bag full of tricks, i’m just talking of living again a proper way of life making it worth living until we depart, nor i’m forcing non-believers to believe this science or putting it on them forcibly, sometime or the other everyone will believe it, difference is few early few late, that too few openly, few privately.

All my worry is by the time you start believing, it should not be that late.Out of all my trials in writing this book on Ancient Indian Divine Sciences, even if a single person is benefited i’m worth being born a human life.

As i earlier told, if not anything at least a good house should become the attitude of each and every person, for it will not only help them live happily but also enables and assures the entire Human-kind a “Healthy Wealthy Universal Brotherhood”, because it has nothing to do with caste, creed, status, or a country, it’s for one and all, it’s a science of Nature management for the betterment of the entire living kind.

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